“Organize & Operate Your Very Own Business Club! $5000 per evening potential...” Dear friends and future partners! By now, you might have already seen my webinar presentation about starting your own Local Influence Club (LIC$).  If not, a link to it is shown in a few paragraphs below. So many people told me that it opened their eyes to a totally  new business concept to generate cash while building business contacts and promoting other ventures you might  have! It is based on a highly successful and business-proven club that I personally organized for years in Los  Angeles – LA Yes Group. I would have never been in a position that had Tony Robbins and Donald Trump talking  about me in front of millions, without this Local Influence Club! And yes, I would have never been a national  speaker sharing stage with Trump, Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Lisa Nichols, David Bach and other famous  speakers without this amazing club.  Let Koz tell you about this great opportunity Beside making money from the club and being a magnate in your business community, having an opportunity  to be a potentially famous business star and speaker in your own backyard is not a bad thing either! It is  amazing the kind of freedom you can have when a business can potentially generate $5000 a night, and then  being able to do what you want to do, anytime, anyplace – freedom. Being a Local Influence Club owner will  have tremendous business referral potential for you. You can attend everyone else’s meetings and events but  you will never gain the recognition, power and control that comes with being the owner and organizer yourself.  We even created your sample graphics, logo, web sites! Sample of speakers who can be invited to your club Sample business networking in our clubs So, to get started, you need to pay the initial Example $500 deposit to  reserve your spot for your city. Once we receive the fee, Koz and  you will decide on exact date of the Local Influence Club session (it  could be as soon as two weeks from now)! Then, you will receive  tons of initial training a week before the event and will have another  long session with Koz to discuss and deal with all issues and  logistics. You will then pay the second payment of $1500 two weeks  before the event and the final payment of $1000 upon Koz’s arrival  (you will pick him up at the airport and brainstorm even more). So  take action now and pay the initial $500 deposit to reserve your city.  How would you like to be a co-author of this book with Koz,  and use it to promote your Local Influence Club?  All you need to do on your end is to have two volunteers (sister, spouse, etc.) to help during the event  with the registration and general support (e.g. signing people up for Koz’s $5000 package).  A sample of videos we create for your club - for total success! Please note that Koz wants to protect your interest and only accepts so many clients per city per area of interest. You can also choose to have multiple cities as part of your package with deep discount, or multiple area of interest with deep discount (e.g. Own a club for a business networking in Denver and also own a club for marketing to health professionals in Denver) So take action now before your city spot is closed. Sample Testimonials - for illustrations purposes So what do you get for your investment of $3000? Initial consultation with Koz Comprehensive training before Koz’s arrival in your city To-to list for your volunteers for guest registration, support & product sales Your fee pays for Koz’s time, airfare, hotel, transportation, and food The cost of the venue in a mid-range hotel like Holiday Inn, will be paid by Koz as well Spending almost a day with Koz to learn one-on-one from him. (He arrives an evening before the event. You will have a dinner with him and strategize about the next-day event. You will spend from noon to 5 PM with him again to ask questions, learn, brainstorm, have a late lunch and pretty much, whatever it takes to get ready for the evening event). In some special cases, Koz arrives in the day of the event but will leave the next day so you and he can spend at least 5 to 6 hours of quality time together. Koz will provide a LCD projector for the event Koz will provide the laptop, slides, and all other needed tools Koz will help you to create video tapes from the event for future marketing of the club Koz will provide you some powerful videos from his club for your site! Koz will get a few video testimonials for you during the break in the middle of his presentations Koz will provide you with great video testimonial of his own! Koz will provide you with all the forms, contracts (for speakers, sponsors, etc.) that you need Koz will train you to get steady group of attendees, month after month Koz will sell his own Coaching package for approximately $5000 (flat fee or based on 3 payments) and you will receive 20% of any potential sale (obviously we can not guarantee how many packages sell but Koz will do his best – for his sake and for yours!). Koz will train you how to run the event to keep people happy and energized (think Tony Robbins events with the music, shoulder massage, etc.). See the video on this page for an example… Koz will locate and pay for the venue in hotels or luxury seminar rooms Koz will make you a co-author of his PLR-based book to get you some credibility (no more than 30 people will be Koz’s co-author in his road trip). YES, you will be an author! You can use your name and Koz’s name in your site as co—authors. Koz’s team will build you a business-class web site for your new Local Influence Club with full ecommerce capability for you to charge money from guests, sponsors, etc. Koz will train you to find local sponsors for your LIC for better monetization of the meetings (see videos of sponsors at Koz’s Club) Koz will train you about all aspects and secrets of promoting your club for long-term business success. You get Koz as a first speaker for a start. Just imagine yourself announcing to your community “The former Harvard Teaching Fellow, UCLA Lecturer, and the creator of Donald Trump’s Internet Marketing and Business Coaching Apprentice Program, will be our guest speaker on……”. Koz will help you negotiate the best deal for all future monthly meetings venue. Koz will allow you to use pictures and testimonials (YES) from his other clubs (think about this)! Koz will give you a list of potential speakers for your future events: local and national Koz will provide bonus material for your members to show up and to bring more people for future events Business club entertainment to keep the people excited! Here are many ways to monetize the business Door fee Sponsor fee Speaker product sale percentage (usually 30% to 50%)  Event video fee for those who missed the session Your own product sale at the event Publicize your business at the event Publicize the business of Joint Venture partners for a fee (e.g. email blast exchange) Business speaker flat fee (in addition to the main speaker product sales fee) Sell ads and banners on your own Club web site Sell ads on your monthly or bi-weekly email blasts to your members These are the benefits for you: Become a local business networking guru & magnet Become a speaker yourself (but not in every event – once in a while) Nothing can get you more business than being known as a powerful speaker in your own field (e.g. health, business, real estate, etc.) Become a Master of Ceremony (MC) to publicize yourself before introducing other speakers Watch the video of the first event and see how Koz mesmerizes the audience and note his techniques and actions great training for your success Make potentially substantial amount of money from sales (yours or other speakers) Publicize your own business and products with added credibility as a club owner Get to meet many business & seminar gurus in nation Become a magnet so other entrepreneurs would beg you to allow them to speak for your club Build a nice and targeted mailing list for future marketing Utilize your targeted email list to joint venture with other list owners and speakers Get guaranteed speaking gig: I will allow you to speak at my event and you will allow me to speak at your event scenario! Get potential prospects contacting you for your business months later when they are ready (happens a lot) Host a quarterly or yearly two-day, multi-speaker events with guaranteed attendees and make money (30% to 50% from every speaker – you can have 10 speakers in two days) – See Koz’s video Be your own top sponsor and reserve a table at the best location within the venue to showcase your business cards, flyers Sell ads and banners on your Club web site for further monetization (your own ads too)! Become a great Joint Venture prospects for other list owners. Yes, your average 5000 local list can open the door to hundreds of other list owners for list exchange promotion (see how quicky you can build a 5000 list from Koz) Learn from Koz how to link your seminar to webinars and co-own not only a local seminar but also a monthly webinar for those who live too far from your venue Get publicity from Koz in his upcoming LIC web site promoting local chapters Reduce your failure rate to next-to-nothing by following Koz’s tried and tested strategies Hang around with Koz with your family and friends for long-term business collaboration and success Get local support with your own club’s Board of Advisors. Koz will help you start a great group during the first session. Koz charges up to $750 per hour for his one-on-one coaching. How much is it worth when you spent almost an entire day with him? You already know the answer.   Hope to see you with huge smile at your own city’s airport... Koz Khosravani Business Coaching, Business Marketing, Keynote Speaking 8001 Irvine Center Drive Suite 400 Irvine, CA 92618  949-466-3528  Koz@KozWealthSystems.com  Koz accepts only 5 clients a year for mega cities in similar topics (e.g. New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, etc.). He only accepts 4 clients a year for large cities in similar topics (Denver, Sacramento, Fort Lauderdale, etc.). He only accepts 3 clients a year for mid-size cities in similar topics (e.g. Salt Lake City, Hartford, Santa Barbara, etc.) And finally, Koz only accepts 1 client per year for a small city in similar topics. So reserve your city now. Christo Design
Here is a sample video that we will create for your site! Wow! So many things that Koz and his team will do for you so you can start your new venture with full confidence and near-guaranteed success! So friends, when was the last time a side business produced lots of money regardless of your talent (e.g. using other speakers’ talent) and also  marketed your  other businesses  through a solid networking  plan of action?  Take action now and reserve your spot by paying the initial deposit of $500. Do not lose your spot for your city. This program will be marketed on a massive scale shortly to the public for higher fee. In fact, most people in future will NOT  get me to visit their cities – my trained speakers will go! But as Koz’s former student or client, you are hearing about it weeks in advance, ahead of the public and receive with a deep discount while getting me to visit you myself! Just building close relations between us in person is worth much more than the cost of this program.
An actual client who started her business club with Koz's help I am  writing  this  letter, seated at the lobby of  Montage  Resort in Laguna Beach,  California,  looking at  the amazing view of the ocean while “working” with my laptop!  If you desire a free and exciting lifestyle, you should seriously consider my program. I  walk  the talk and have done  exactly what I preach. You already know  that… So,  feel free to watch the presentation one more time (fast forward the video to minute  five or six to avoid initial segment where I make sure everyone can hear me and see  my slides! Boring!!). Just unzip the file and launch the file default.html.  To review the webinar one more time you can watch it again at: www.expertstv.com/akoz1vipgroup/june16thwebinar.zip